Brothers and Sisters Salamun Alekum,         

*Virtual Online Majalis to commemorate Shahdat of Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)*


InshaAllah ISIA will be hosting 3 Virtual online Majalis starting  tomorrow Saturday May 1. We will be joined by Molana Syed Abul Qasim Rizvi Sahab from Australia to recite all 3 majalis.


Here are the details of the program:

Salaam/ Marsia: 9:30 pm
Speech: 9:45 pm
Noha: 10:30 pm


The 1st and 3rd (final) Majalis can be viewed on ISIA Ottawa YouTube channel below.

Majlis can be viewed on following link:



Note: 2nd Majlis on Sunday May 2 will be broadcasted on HyderTV live which can be viewed on Jadoo TV or any other media streaming boxes where HyderTV is available




Your virtual participation and presence will be highly appreciated.