Brothers and Sisters Salamun Alekum 

We , at ISIA felt the strong need to broadening the ways through which ISIA can accept donation . We fully acknowledge the fact that most of us are no longer writing checks in general for most of our needs in this age of technology , Hence in order to cater this changing  environment  and By the grace of Allah Subhanawataalah and by the sadqa of Masomeeens Allehy Salam , we at ISIA Ottawa  added new ways of accepting donations besides Cash / Check as in line with the changing trends of High Technology  age .

 A.   Email Money Transfer : ( For Canadian Donors ONLY )

We at ISIA are pleased to to announce that ISIA has started accepting email Money Transfer . Please note down the following information If you want to benefit from this facility

1.  Email address to be added in your online banking Web              :     TBA 

2.  In the Box where you can send us some notes, Please write down your name ( which you want to be printed on Tax Receipt ) , Phone number and address for your identification.

B.   POS ( Point of Sale / Debit/ Credit Machine ) : ( For In person Donation )

We are in a process of finalizing the logistics of getting a point of sale ( Debit / Credit ) Machine , which will be available with Brother Kashif Alamdar most of the times when we have a program which will be used to give Donation using your Debit card ( Preferred ) or Credit Card ( Not preferred due to more service charges but acceptable  ) . You can start benefiting from in Inshallah from January 2013 onwards

C.   Mailing the check to our address : ( For within Canada Donation ) Please get our address from Contact us section or email us at for more details .





Thanks and best Regards

Hon. Treasurer

ISIA Ottawa